A Gaia app for Apple Watch to support the mobile yoga experience.

Product Designer
My role for this project was to become the expert in the functionality and possibilites of this new platform. I worked with our iOS Developer to research, design, and test each feature. 

One of our main goals in building an Apple Watch App was to complete our Apple Ecosystem in hopes of getting featured. For a small company this is an emense boost in organic aquisitions. 


Testing a Concept

Since audio functionality was one of our stronger member facing cases for building the watch app, we quickly prototyped the idea by strapping a phone to a coworkers arm and asking her to move through a yoga sequence. She concluded that besides the heavy arm piece it was actually quite normal. Stating that it was similar to a teacher moving around you in a class setting.


Understanding A New Platform

This was the first Apple Watch App I had designed. Before I could begin I needed to gain an understanding of the terminology and system capabilities. We were designing a very light weight app and there were actions and states that I did not need to design.  If I designed the Glances and Complications well, the user would not need a ton of core app functionality. 


Flows and Design

The watch app user flows were very short, especially since we were only utilizing some of the functionality.  I decided to leverage existing native components to speed up design and development time. 


Launch and Measure

We launched the Watch App under the radar, we didn't believe it to be the most important piece of the Gaia Ecosystem.  We gave a few watches to fellow employees and members to use during their yoga practices. While the feedback was not an overwhelming success, we did learn that a few yogis enjoyed the audio only option and being able to set their phone out of sight. Having the controls closer to your poses was also a positive piece of feedback.

These findings not only are helping us expand on the Watch experience, but also the entire yoga offerings.