Using technology - encourage people to to put their phones away during social situations and engage with their fellow humans.

Project Length: 3 days




Some of our best memories are made with others. Our mobile devices have become a barrier to truly engage with each other. Our challenge was to create a way for people to step out from behind their devices and engage with their fellow humans.


Only If My Friends Do It

We started with interviews to see if there was a desire for something like this. The result was almost unanimous - yes. Observing people in social situations gave us an idea how many times people take out thier phones - a lot of the time not even realizing it. In groups, there was a strong theme - "I would only do it if everyone in the group committed"

Buy Me A Drink

Beyond just blocking distractions, we wanted to make 'Human Mode' a little more enticing to interact with. We brought an interaction into the app that we had observed in our interviews.  The game was: the first person in the group to touch or bring out their phone bought a round of drinks. 



Unlike Airplane Mode, users outside the app would be able to contact the user in Human Mode.  They would be informed of how to contact them - but entering one number on their keypad when in a call, or entering a number in a text message to allow their text to go through.