Create a way to accommodate new user behaviors - without disrupting Uber's business model and existing user flows. 

Project Length: 2 days

Choice is a beautiful thing. Uber is evolving the way the world moves by giving choice to more riders and drivers each day. Very quickly, new user groups have emerged and the company finds itself expanding to create positive experiences for all riders.



Uber came to use for a two day design sprint to come up with a solutions for "Uber Family". Right now the youngest age allowed to order and uber is 16; however, many families are calling for cars on behalf of their family members: kids aged 12 and elderly who may not be driving anymore. 

How can we grow Uber's services to accommodate families who want to user the same payment methods, facilitate rides for relatives, and assure safety and transparency - all while increasing ridership, and not limiting available drivers. 


Uber Family: We created an easy option for account owners to add family members to their existing accounts. Payments will be easy to manage for account holders, and transparency and ordering rides for family members will be just like using Uber as it is today. 



From our insights with user interviews, the highest need and concern was safety. With this new integration - guardians would be able to monitor reserved rides, quickly add or remove members, manage payment systems with for their personal, business, and family accounts, and be able to quickly contact police if there was a problem. 

Account settings went as deep as managing credit cards for each member, turning "Restricted Mode" on for the teen abusing uber for free rides around the city, as well as the ability to allow family members to order their own rides if they were above 16. 


Concluding Thoughts

Working within business goals and constraints can be difficult at times. It challenges you to stretch your creative thinking, and maybe come at the problem from a different angle. The Uber team was great and guided us through what roadblocks were taken care of, and what roadblocks needed to be knocked down. 

Working with a fully thought through design language let us focus on the user and user interactions. Knowing that our solutions could be built and getting the opportunity to pitch concrete ideas to the Uber design team was a great experience.